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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 18, July 1914 - April, 1915

Book Reviews and Notices

A Bibliography of the History of California and the Pacific West,
1510-1906. By Robert Ernest Cowan. (San Francisco, The
Book Club of California. 1914. Pp. xxi, 318.)
In this book "are included printed works relating to the dis-
covery, exploration, colonization, and evangelization of California;
its transition from a Mexican colony to one of the United States;
the history of the gold discovery and its attendant events; the for-
mation of its government, state and municipal; its unusual fea-
tures, such as the vigilance committees, Mexican land claims, and
the Chinese question; some features of its earliest local history;
and its historical relations with adjacent territory, both remote
and more nearly within our own time."
The author has made a survey of the materials available for a
bibliography of California, finding them to comprise about 7000
items. Of these be has chosen to include about 1000, eliminating:
most works of legal, medical, or scientific character; transactions
and reports of societies; most federal, state, and municipal docu-
ments; and lastly, "the familiar features of our own local liter-
ature in poetry and prose."
The works chosen are items "of interest to the collector or the
student of California history in its broader sense" published prior
to 1906.
The author states in his introductory note that such a limita-
tion may, from a superficial glance, appear both narrow and in-
adequate. The present reviewer would add that the impression
is rather confirmed than removed by more careful scrutiny.
By usage, the word bibliography connotes inclusion rather than
exclusion. The list of works presented is expected to be a fairly
exhaustive, if not complete (either within some limited period of
time, some fairly well defined area, or by some other logical scheme
of delimitation), catalogue of the literature essentially contribut-
ing to the subject in hand. On the basis of the time limit, this
bibliography covers the interval 1510-1906. The entire sixteenth
century is, perforce, limited to a single item, Las Sergas, which
has until now nothing more than a conjectural connection with


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 18, July 1914 - April, 1915. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 3, 2016.

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