The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 18, July 1914 - April, 1915

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly

could not keep, took no measures he could not support, and
through all remained a loyal friend to the new nation.
Latin America. By William R. Shepherd, Professor of History
in Columbia University. (Home University Library. Henry
Holt and Company, New York, 1914. Pp. 256. 50 cents net.)
Professor Shepherd's little book on Latin America constitutes
a valuable addition to the Home University Library series. In a
work of this scope the author can scarcely give more than an
introduction to a more exhaustive study of the individual coun-
tries of Latin America, and details are necessarily subordinated
to general characteristics common to the whole region. Owing
to Professor Shepherd's intimate personal knowledge of the field,
however, the book is unusually free from unsound generalizations.
The first six chapters of the book are devoted to a description
of the colonial period of Latin America.. The expansion of Spain
and Portugal into the new world is briefly traced, and such topics
as colonial government, social and economic conditions, the church,
and education are discussed with some fullness. The author has
evidently considered the history of Latin America as a subject
of minor importance. Only twelve pages are given to the wars
of independence, while the historical development since that period
up to recent times has been summarized in some fifteen pages.
Thus the political history of modern Latin America has been
almost entirely ignored, but it is safe to say that the book has
suffered in no way from such omission.
The emphasis of the work is laid upon the present-day condi-
tions of Latin America. By condensing the historical narrative,
the author has been able to treat this portion somewhat more in
detail. A list of chapter headings will indicate the fullness with
which this descriptive matter has been developed. Geography
and resources, social characteristics, political and financial sit-
uation, industry, commerce, transportation, education, public
charity and social service, science, journalism, literature, and fine
arts. Although these chapters are loaded down with facts and
figures, the excellent style makes them very interesting as well


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