The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 18, July 1914 - April, 1915

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly

The Mississippi Valley Historial Association will hold its annual
meeting at New Orleans, April 21-22.
Miss Elizabeth H. West, since 1912 archivist in the Texas State
Library, recently resigned to become Librarian of the Carnegie
Library of San Antonio.
Dr. George C. Rankin, editor of The Texas Christian Advocate,
died at Dallas, February 2, 1915. He was born in Tennessee, No-
vember 19, 1849.
Judge T. S. Reese died at College Station, Texas, February 10,
1915. He was born at Selma, Alabama, February 2, 1844, and re-
moved to Texas in 1868. He had served the State as District
Judge, as Assistant Attorney General, and as Associate Justice of
the First Supreme Judicial District Court of Civil Appeals. This
last position he had held for ten years prior to his death.
Judge Yancey Lewis died suddenly at his home in Dallas, March
10, 1915. He was born near Gonzales, Texas, in 1861, was a grad-
uate of Emory and Henry College and of the Law Department of
the University of Texas, and for some years, in maturer life, was
Professor of Law and Dean of that Department. During Cleve-
land's second administration he was Judge of the Federal Court
of the Central District of Indian Territory.


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