The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 18, July 1914 - April, 1915

British Correspondence Concerning Texas

wide enough already, and that there was much more of risk, than
convenience or strength in extended Confederacies.
In a separate despatch which I had the honor to write to Your
Lordship on the 29th Instant, I have requested sanction to reside
here or in Texas during the present Agitation of Texian affairs in
this Country, and I would wish to add in a private form, that the
want of quiet trustworthy channels of Communication between
Texas and New Orleans is one of my chief reasons, for requesting
that permission
Charles Elliot.
The Earl of Aberdeen, K. T.
Draft. F. 0. January 3d. 1844.
Captn. Elliot.
No. 2.9
I transmit to You herewith, for Your information, a Copy of
a Despatch which I have addressed to H. M's Minister at Washing-
ton,'1 with a view to put a. stop to the Misrepresentations which
have been circulated of late in the United States, and the errors
into which the Govt. of that Republic seem to have fallen, on the
subject of the policy of Great Britain with respect to Texas.
You will communicate the inclosed Despatch to the Texian
8F. 0., Texas, Vol. 9. The letter is unsigned.
*F. O., Texas, 20. Aberdeen to Elliot, No. 1, January 3, 1844, has been
omitted. It acknowledged receipt of despatches from Elliot.
"Aberdeed to Pakenham, No. 9, December 26, 1843. This is the first of
the noted Calhoun-Pakenham letters, and in it Aberdeen, while maintain-
ing Great Britain's right to take ground against slavery wherever found,
disclaimed any intention of interfering improperly to secure the abolition
of slavery in Texas, or of "seeking to act directly or indirectly in a polit-
ical sense on the United States through Texas." The correspondence as
published in the United States is in Sen. Doc. 341 (Serial No. 435), 28
Cong., 1 Sess. As published in Great Britain it is in Sessional Papers,
1847-8, Commons, Vol. 64, Return of Palcenhan.-Calhoun Correspondence
(136), and contains an additional letter, Pakenham to Aberdeen, April
28, 1844. There are also two additional unpublished letters, Aberdeen to
Pakenham, January 9 (F. 0., Texas, 20), and June 3, 1844 (F. 0.,
America, 403). For quotations and analysis, see Adams, British Interests
and Activities in Texas, ch. VII. Smith, The Annexation of Texas, p. 200

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