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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 19, July 1915 - April, 1916

Major General John A. Wharton

Major General John A. Wharton was born four miles from
Nashville, Tennessee, at the home of his father's sister, Mrs. Betsy
Wharton Washington, July 3, 1828. He was the only son of
his parents, William H. and Sarah Ann (Groce) Wharton.
The history of his ancestors can be found in Macaulay's His-
tory of England, and in other books on biography, but I will
begin with John Wharton, son of Sir William Wharton and brother
of Lord Philip Wharton, who came from England to Culpepper
County, Virginia, 1760. His wife was Jane Miller. They had
one son, John A. Wharton, born in England, 1740, and he came
to America with his father at the age of twenty years and settled
in Coresville, Albemarle County, Virginia, near North Garden.
He married Rhoda Norris of Hanover County, Virginia, of same
family as Richard Norris, a member of the Virginia convention
of 1830. They had seven sons, George, William H., John, Austin,
Jesse, Samuel L., and Dabney. I have the complete history of all
these seven sons, given me by a great granddaughter of the eldest
son, George, Mrs. Minnie Wharton Robertson, of Nashville, Ten-
nessee, but since this is a history of General John Wharton of
Texas, I will begin with his grandfather, William H., the second
of the seven sons, who was born 1768, married Judith Harris
of Amherst County, Virginia, and died February, 1816. His wife
died February 8, 1816, just one week later. They left five chil-
dren, all of whom made their home with their uncle Jesse, who
became their guardian. Their names were Betsy, Martha, Wil-
liam H.,-born 1802, emigrated to Texas in 1827, died March 14,
1839,-Thomas, Jesse, who was born in 1804, and was drowned at
age of fifteen, and John Austin Wharton, born 1806,1 emigrated
to Texas in 1829, and died unmarried in 1838. Betsy, the eldest
of these children, had two grandchildren, who married Dr. Goodlet
of St. Louis, and Louis Strobel of Texas. Their descendants are
'These dates are taken from the family Bible of the Whartons in


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 19, July 1915 - April, 1916. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed April 30, 2016.

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