The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 19, July 1915 - April, 1916

British Correspondence Concerning Texas

Private. Her Majesty's Consulate.
Galveston, September 23rd. 1844.
My Lord,
In a letter which I had the honor to address to. Your Lord-
ship, on the 8th day of May last, I communicated the following
"I have heard, and I believe truly, that General Jackson has
used all the influence which he possesses with the President of
this Republic, as his old political and Military leader, to induce
him to aid in accomplishing the Annexation of Texas to the
That I did not err in giving credit to this Statement will be
seen by the enclosed printed Copy2 of a "Private" letter, ad-
dressed, on the 16th of February last, by President Houston to
General Andrew Jackson. A small portion of this letter appeared
some time ago, in the Newspapers of the United States. The
whole has been recently published in an Administration Journal
of Eastern Texas, for the purpose, I believe, of promoting the
election to the Presidency of Mr Anson Jones, by showing that
the Government of which he is a Member is in favour of Annex-
ation. Eastern Texas contains a large majority of the popula-
tion, and the bent of the public mind, in regard to the pre-
dominant question of the day may be inferred from the motive
assigned for this epistolary development.
A lately published letter of Mr Clay's seems to indicate that
he has found it necessary to modify his declared opinions on the
subject of Annexation. It is impossible that a people so shrewd,
IF. 0., Texas, Vol. 10.
2A cutting from The Galveston, Civilian, September 11, 1844. Hous-
ton's letter is calendared by Garrison as printed in U. S. Pub. Does., 444,
Doec. 271, p. 110.


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