The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 19, July 1915 - April, 1916

404 The Southwestern Historical Quarterly
Thus was founded a ninth mission near the little stream called
the San Antonio River.
It is a matter of interest to note that the Countess of Valenciana
had promised to bear all of the expenses for the mission, but for
some reason she changed her mind, and the Lady of Refuge re-
mained, as Father Garza put it, "sole patroness."
Some difficulties soon arose regarding the choice of the site. The
consequence was that on November 21, 1794, the commandant-
general of the Interior Provinces gave orders for transferring the
mission to a place designated by Father Silva. On December 7
of the same year Governor Mufioz delegated this task to Juan
Cort6s, of La Bahia. The order was carried out in 1795. This
explains why the ruins of Mission Refugio are at the Copano Bay
and not at the mouth of the San Antonio. It seems probable, on
the other hand, that the name Mission Bay, at the mouth of the
Guadalupe River, is a permanent mark of the brief career of the
mission in that locality.

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