The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 19, July 1915 - April, 1916

British Correspondence Concerning Texas

No. 17.2 Washington on the Brazos
21st December 1844.
My Lord,
The Boat in which I left Galveston laid aground on the Bars
between that place and Houston for a week, and hence my arrival
here has been delayed till yesterday. But I avail myself of the
first opportunity which presents itself, to report the tenor of a con-
versation I have this morning had with President Jones and Mr.
Allen, the Attorney General temporarily charged with the State
Department. They declared generally their decided opinions that
the people of this Country would abandon all thought of annexa-
tion to the United States, if they could be formally certified of
the recognition of their Independence by Mexico.
I believe that these are the sincere convictions of this Govern-
ment, and if the Independence of the Country were recognized
by Mexico, and it consisted with the power of this administration
to direct or controul the subsequent course of the people of Texas,
it is no doubt highly probable that the idea of annexation would
soon be firmly replaced by wiser and more becoming principles.
I am sure, at least, that the efforts of this Government in that
sense, would be frankly and heartily made.
In making this admission I took the liberty, however, to re-
mind the President that when General Houston first communi-
cated to me the proposals of the Government of the United States
in October 1843, I had ventured to express my inability to con-
cur with them as to the dispositions of the people of Texas re-
specting annexation and my belief that they would not have it
IF. 0., Texas, Vol. 9.
IF. O. Texas, 9. Elliot to Aberdeen, No. 16, December 20, 1844, has
been omitted. It transmitted a printed copy of President Jones' mes-
sage of December 16, 1844, and a copy of The Texas National Register,
December 14, 1844.


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