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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 20, July 1916 - April, 1917

The Southiwestern Historical Quarterly

Two years ago Major George W. Littlefield, of Austin, estab-
lished at the University of Texas a fund of $25,000 for the col-
lection of material on the history of the South. The fund yields
at present $1,500, and for twenty-five years only the income is
to be used. Realizing the need of a larger available fund, Major
Littlefield, at the meeting of the regents in April, added to his
gift $5,000 for current use. Persons owning, or knowing the
whereabouts of, material on any phase of southern history--old
newspapers, political pamphlets, legislative journals, proceedings
-of conventions, reports of business or patriotic organizations,
letters, manuscripts, etc.,-will do no little part in furthering the
purpose of the fund, if they will kindly write to the Librarian
of the University of Texas.
Mr. J. S. Cullinan, of Houston, has erected a monument on
the spot approved by the San Jacinto Chapter of the Daughters
of the Republic, the State Park Commissioners, and ex-Governor
Colquitt, as the place where Santa Anna surrendered to six of Gen-
eral Houston's soldiers, April 22, 1836. The land thereabout
is owned by Mr. Cullinan, and is henceforth to be known as
Santa Anna Farm. The Houston Chronicle of April 20 gives
-some account of the monument and of the pains to locate it with
approximate accuracy.
A portrait of John A. Wharton has been hung in the parlors
of the Rice Hotel at Houston. A sketch of Wharton appears in
the Houston Post of May 7, 1916.
J. E. McAshan, a pioneer banker of Houston, died at his home
April 19, 1916. He was born at La Grange, Texas, October 20,
William Ritter von Streeruwitz, one time State Geologist of
Texas, died at Houston April 19, 1916. He was eighty-three
years of age, a native of Bohemia.


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 20, July 1916 - April, 1917. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 1, 2016.

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