The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 20, July 1916 - April, 1917

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly

cording to promise) submitted with it, to the United States Sen-
ate, the pending treaty of limits, which was thus revived after its
obligatory character had been lost by the remissness of Mexico.
Ratifications were exchanged exactly one year later, on the last
day allowed under the treaty provision.
A nglo-American Isthmian Diplomacy, 1815-1915 [Prize Essays
of the American Historical Association, 1914.] By Mary
Wilhelmine Williams, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of His-
tory in Goucher College. (Washington: American Histor-
ical Association. 1916. Pp. xii, 356. $1.00.)1
A committee of the American Historical Association awarded to
this book the Justin Winsor prize in American history for 1914.
This assures for it a high degree of accuracy and a respectable
literary style, for committees in the past have more than once
withheld the prize for want of a worthy candidate. English-Amer-
ican isthmian relations have been summarized in many books, and
portions of the subject have furnished topics for monographic in-
vestigation. Miss Williams's book claims attention for its dis-
tinguished patronage and because it is a consecutive study of the
whole subject. It is based on a minute and painstaking study of
all available English and American manuscript and printed sources,
and the writer lists in her bibliography a wide range of secondary
authorities from whom she has drawn more or less assistance. One
expects the book to be, and it ought to be, a most useful con-
tribution, but it is disappointing. It is a conscientious seminar
report with the defects of such an exercise, exhibiting immense
industry but small sense of proportion. Details piled on details
note every shade of shifting, transitory, ministerial opinion in
England, the United States, and Central America, as revealed in
the diplomatic correspondence; and the really important aspects
of the subject are lost in a desert of unessentials. The same fault
is carried out in the documentation. It hardly seems necessary
in a printed book to make six or eight references in a. single brief
paragraph to a short document which is the sole source of the
paragraph. As a rule, over documentation is a good fault, and
'Reprinted from American Journal of International Law for July, 1916.


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