The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 20, July 1916 - April, 1917

British Correspondence Concerning Texas

Copy. New Orleans.
Charles Elliot. July 3d. 1845.
I have the honour to acquaint you that I have availed myself
of the engagement of the Congress and Convention in Texas in
discussions during the continuance of which I do not think it
suitable to remain in the Country, to come on to the United States,
with the hope of finding some relief from an Ague Complaint
to which I have long been subject in the hot season of these
Indeed I perceive that in the present temper of the people
and the actual attitude of these affairs my presence there would
be made the pretext for continued misrepresentation and agita-
tion. I shall go on to New York, but shall of course be ready
to return to my post at any moment that my communications
from England or other points may render that step necessary.
Rumours of the immediate movement of United States Troops
into Texas have been repeated several times during my brief resi-
dence here, but I think it probable that no step of the kind will
be taken until the Government of Texas of it's own accord or
under the direction of Congress calls upon the American Charg6
d' Affaires to move the Commander of the force at Fort Jessup
to advance.
The President's proclamation of the 4th June affords a suffi-
cient indication of the dispositions of the Government of Texas,
but it is not so easy to speak favourably of the probable course
of Congress. If however the Government of Mexico should
have responded to the proclamation of the President by declar-
ing a cessation of hostilities, and shall have caused it to be un-
derstood that there will be no Movement beyond their actual
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Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 20, July 1916 - April, 1917. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed August 27, 2015.