The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 20, July 1916 - April, 1917

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly

"For the European life, I had what Miss Ney and Dr. Mont-
gomery told me, and likewise what the old housekeeper Crescentia
could add, and, later, I did what I could to verify it all by getting
the point of view of persons who knew them in Munich. This
part of my investigation was, however, brought to an abrupt close
by the breaking out of the war.
"Of my own volition, I should never have taken all this trouble
'simply to write the life of any individual I have ever known; but
in the struggle which centered about Miss Ney in her Austin life,
I believe there will be discerned finally the beginning of the effort
,of this pioneer Southwest to find itself aesthetically; and I cannot
help thinking that it was worth while to get the story into some
sort of permanent form before all those who had a part in living
it have passed away.
"If I have made mistakes (which is more than likely), there
are no doubt some persons left who can point them out. A few
years from now this would be impossible to hope for."
Viajes de Misioneros Franciscaos 4 la Conquista. del Nuevo
Mexico.. Con un mapa y dos estadisticas de las misiones
Franciscafios en los afios de 1786 to 1788. By P. Otto
Maas, O. F. M. (Seville: Imprenta de San Antonio, 1915.
Pp. 208.)
This volume of documents from the General Archive of the
Indies in Seville, Spain, affords an interesting example of for-
eign activity in the local field of the Southwest. It is the work
of a young German Franciscan, who has been commissioned to
study the history of his order in the Spanish archives, and rep-
resents the first fruits of his labors in Seville. On account of
the local nature of the field, and the lack of bibliographical facili-
ties at the author's command, it is not surprising that some doc-
uments that have already been printed are included in the vol-
ume, as well as a few that are not confined to the region indi-
cated by the title. The documents published are the following:
1. Records of the founding of the missions of Santa Maria de
los Dolores, San Juan Bautista, San Francisco Solano, and San


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