The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 21, July 1917 - April, 1918

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly

The California Historical Survey Commission, created as a
State department in 1915, has already accomplished excellent re-
sults. The survey of the county archives has been completed
and will be made ready for the press during the next few months.
Besides the archives much valuable material has been discovered
in private collections.
Two acts were passed at the last session of the California Leg-
islature dealing with the work of the Commission. By one an
appropriation of $12,500 was made to cover the expenses of the
Commission for the next biennium. By the other act the powers
and duties of the Commission were enlarged, provisions being
made for the publication of the results of the survey and also
extending its work to include an investigation of the history of
the physical characteristics of the Franciscan missions of Cali-
fornia. At a recent meeting in Los Angeles the Commission
placed the general supervision of this work in the hands of Rev.
Joseph M. Gleason of Palo Alto. For that phase of its work the
Commission has tentatively set aside the sum of $2500. The
members of the Commission are: Hon. John F. Davis, Chair-
man; Professor Herbert E. Bolton; Mr. James M. Gwinn, and
Mr. Owen C. Coy, Secretary.
Dr. Charles W. Hackett, assistant editor of historical publica-
tions at the University of California, has recently been appointed
to carry on the work begun by the late Dr. Ad. F. Bandelier for
the Carnegie Institution of Washington. At the time of his
death Dr. Bandelier had gathered in Seville and Mexico several
volumes of manuscript materials relating to the history of the
Southwest, and to that of New Mexico in particular, during the
sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. These manu-
scrips will be translated and edited, with introductions and an-
notations, and will be published by the Carnegie Institution.
Due to war conditions and the impossibility of obtaining pass-
ports to Spain this year, the two Native Sons traveling fellow-
ships in Pacific Coast history, each of the value of $1500, have


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