The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 21, July 1917 - April, 1918

The Southwesterm Historical Quarterly

obtain through three centuries and lay the racial, social and po-
litical foundation for a discriminating and intelligent Common-
Untranslatable Spanish words are very properly used in the
text, but as long as it is possible to be absolutely correct, there
is no. excuse for the total absence of accents from such words as
bohio, cidula, maravedi, clerigo, ineditos, colecci6n, cimara, fun-
dicion, and every other word requiring an accent. Naburia (on
page 152) appears as naboria on 195. One is correct. Mara-
vedises (174) is' inaccurate. It is to be hoped that the volume
which succeeds this, if there be one, may be written in the third
person, and not in the first. Because it is written in English
and gives a connected history of Cuba in the sixteenth century,
this volume will be of use to the general reader and the class-
room student.
The annual meeting of the Pacific Cboast Branch of the Ameri-
can Historical Association was held at Berkeley, California, on
November 30 and December 1. At that meeting two papers of
general interest to students of Spanish-American history were
read. These papers were "A Forgotten Pioneer of American His-
tory--John Gilmary Shea," by Father Joseph Gleason, of Palo
Alto, California, and "The Influence of the United States in the
Opening of the 'Amazon River to the World's Coummerce," by
Professor Percy A. Martin, of Stanford University.
Officers of the association for the ensuing year are: President,
Rev. Joseph Gleason, Palo Alto, California; Vice-President, Pro-
fessor 0. H. Richardson, University of Washington; Secretary-
Treasurer, Pr~ofessor W. A. Morris, University of California;
Members of the Council, Professor E. M. Hume of the Univer-
sity of Idaho R. C. Clark of the University of Oregon, Waldemar
Westergaard of Pomona College, 'and Miss Fdna Stone of the
University High School, Oakland, California.
Mr. E. L. Doheny, Los Angeles multi-millionaire oil operator,
has given $100,000 as an endowment for the Doheny Research


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