The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 21, July 1917 - April, 1918

Minutes of the Ayuntamiento of San Felipe de Austin 395
DE AUSTIN, 1828-1832
[p. 14] Town of Austin, January 24, 1829.
The ayuntamiento met in special session, with the president and
the two regidores present. Mr. League, second regidor, read a
letter from Citizen Samuel M. Williams in which he accepted,
under certain conditions which [he stated] in his said letter of
the 15th instant, the appointment to the office of secretary of
this ayuntamiento. And in consequence of the difficulty which
exists of getting persons acquainted with both English and Spanish,
as well as in view of the burden of the labors of the secretary of
this ayuntamiento, he has thought well to fix one thousand dollars
a year for his services, or one hundred dollars a month in case
he is not able to serve in the office for the year. This salary is
to be paid the said Williams from the public funds. The said
letter is placed in the archives for the purpose for which it may
be needed.
J. White.
H. H. League, [Secretary] pro tem.
[p. 14a] In continuation: Considering the great importance
and necessity of organizing the national militia of this jurisdiction,
and as many difficulties exist in the "Regulation of the civil
militia"12 of this state, by article 13, which requires that the
battalion of infantry for Texas be raised in Austin, Nacogdoches,
and adjacent [districts], and as article 14 provides that the force
shall be increased when the empresarios commence to introduce
the families of their contract-
This ayuntamiento encounters much difficulty in organizing
the militia conformably with the said article 13, and for that
reason this body considers it necessary to consult the supreme
government [of the state] on the matter, with the object of seeing
'Decree No. 58, May 14, 1828, is omitted from the official publication
of the Laws of Coahuila and Texas. There is a copy in the Bexar Ar-
chives of the University of Texas.

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