The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 21, July 1917 - April, 1918

News Items

Judge R. S. Neblett, of Corsicana, died at Temple, January
18, 1918.
Miss Julia Pease, the last surviving daughter of Governor Elisha
M. Pease, died at her home in Austin, January 19, 1918. Miss
Pease was a member of the Executive Conmittee of the Associ-
Rt. Rev. Nicholas Aloysius Gallagher, bishop of the Catholic
diocese of Galveston for thirty-six years, died at St. Mary's Cathe-
dral rectory, Galveston, January 21, 1918.
Joseph Bailey Polley, author of A soldiers letters to charming
Nellie and of FHood's Texas Brigarde: Its marches, its battles, its
achie' ements, died at Floresville, Texas, February 2, 1918. A
sketch of his life was printed in the San Antonio Express, Feb-
ruary 10.
Judge Beauregard Bryan, who served the Association for ten
years as one of its vice-presidents, died March 4, 1918, at El Paso.
He was an authority on Texas history.
Judge George Clark, distinguished jurist and former leader of
Texas Democracy, died at his time in Waco, March 28, 1918.
The annual business meeting of the Association will be held
at Austin at 10 o'clock a. m., April 22, in Room 158 of the Main
Building of the University of Texas. There will be a meeting of
the Executive Council just preceding the general meeting. There
will be no other announcement except through the newspapers.


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