The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 23, July 1919 - April, 1920

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly

III and IV contain sketches of the rudeness of the times and of
his earliest recollections. Chapters V and VI give some account
of McKenzie College, of its founder, and of some of its prominent
students. This is one of the most valuable contributions made
by the author. A good photograph of Rev. J. W. P. McKenzie
is printed. In Chapter VIII one catches glimpses of the effect
of the Civil War upon the churches. In 1861 Rev. Mr. McLean
was stationed at Rusk, and the next year he was stationed at
Sherman. "Socially and politically the communities of Marshall
and Rusk, and the community of Sherman, were not altogether
harmonious on the war question. The population of the first
two communities were from the Gulf States principally, the last
from such border States as Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri
and Kansas, and a preponderance of sentiment favored the
Union." In Chapter IX the author gives expression to some
reflections on "the war and slavery." His conclusion in the
matter is that "It is cause for congratulation that slavery, long
a bone of contention between the North and the South, has been
removed. But the manner of its removal . . . The justice
of this has left an interrogation point in the minds of not a few."
The subject of schools receives attention throughout the book.
Chapter XI presents a concise history of the "rise and progress
of Southwestern University"; Dr. McLean was vice-regent and
regent of this school for seventeen years. There are also brief
chapters devoted to John H. Reagan and to William Pinckney
McLean. The volume records the experiences of a minister of"
the Gospel and an educator, a friend to his fellowman.
Svenskare I Texas I Ord Och Bild. 1838-1918. Ett historiskt-
biografiskt arbete samladt och utgivet af Ernest Severin.
Redigeradt och utarbetadt af dr. Alf. L. Scott och Pastor
T. J. Westerberg. Granskadt och oversedt af red. J. M.
Ojerholm. 2 Vols. I, pp. 1-604, II, pp. 606-1209 I-XIX.
Austin, 1919.
Three years the publisher, Mr. E. Severin, and his coworkers,
among them some of the best known Swedes in Texas, have spent
in collecting and preparing the biographical, historical, and other
material here presented in a form that is a credit to all concerned.


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 23, July 1919 - April, 1920. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 24, 2016.

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