The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 23, July 1919 - April, 1920

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly

DE AUSTIN, 1828-1832
On motion of the president the subject of establishing boards
of health in this town and in such other sections of the Colony as
may be deemed expedient was discussed and it was ordered by the
Ayuntamto. that in asmuch as the Chief of this Department has
communicated to this body the fact of the existence of the con-
tagion called the smallpox in Bexar and Goliad (formerly Labahia)
and recommending to this body the establishment of boards of
health for the purpose of protecting as far as may be practicable
the inhabitants of this jurisdiction from the ravages of this serious
disease that the persons hereinafter mentioned shall within their
respective precincts or neighborhoods compose a board of health.
first for the Town of San Felipe de Austin, Doctors James B.
Miller, Robert Peebles, and Socrates Moseley [p. 9] Francis W.
Johnson Alcalde and Robert M. Williamson Sindico procurador
Messrs Luke Lesassier and Winm. H. Jack.
second for the town of Brazoria. Asa Brigham Comisario, Doc-
tors Francis F. Welles J. B. Walls, Messrs. A. B. Stewart and
John Austin
third for the town of Harrisburg Samuel C. Hirams Comisario,
S Bundick Sindico, Messrs. David Harris, Wm. P. Harris and
Ephraim Fuqua.
fourth for the upper settlement on this River and Mill Creek
Doctor Wright. Thomas S. Saul J. P. Coles, Nestor Clay Abner
Kuykendall and Levi A. Bostic.
fifth, for the Bay Prairie and lower part of the Colorado Law-
rence Ramey Comisario Dr. C. G. Cox Thomas M. Duke, Robt. H.
Williams, Aylett C. Buckner and James Cummins
sixth for the town of Gonzales J. B. Patrick, Comasario. Thos.
R. Miller sindico, Messrs. Green DeWitt Ezekiel Williams and
Joseph Clements.
The following resolution of the body on motion of the Prest.
was then adopted That inasmuch as this Ayuntamto. has reed
information that Padre Miguel Muldoon has been appointed curate


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