The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 23, July 1919 - April, 1920

Affairs of the Association,

The Texas State Historical Association met at the University
of Texas, March 2, 1920. The president, Mrs. A. B. Looscan, of
Houston, presided. Dr. Alex Dienst of Temple, read a paper on
the Need of a Great Public Museum for Texas; and a committee
consisting of Mrs. A. B. Looscan, Miss Elizabeth West, Dr. W. S.
Red, Mr. E. W. Winkler, Dr. Alex Dienst, and Professor H. Y.
Benedict, was appointed to organize a movement for the estab-
lishment of such a museum. A resolution was adopted expressing
the Association's sympathy for Judge Z. T. Fulmore in his illness,
and its appreciation for his services to the Association and the
State by his investigations. A telegram was sent to Mrs. Lips-
comb Norvell, congratulating her on the completiton of the mark-
ing of the Old San Antonio Road. A resolution was adopted
urging members of the Association to organize local branches in
places where as many as ten members of the Association reside,
for the collection and study of the sources of Texas history.
Fourteen members and three life members of the Association
were elected. The following officers were elected for the ensuing
year: Mrs. Adele B. Looscan of Houston, president; Iessrs.
Alex Dienst of Temple, R. C. Crane of Sweetwater, Lewis R.
Bryan of Houston, and George W. Littlefield of Austin, vice
presidents; Professor Charles W. Ramsdell, corresponding secre-
tary and treasurer; Judge J. C. Townes and Mrs. Pearl Caswell
Jackson, members of the Executive Council, the first for the
term ending 1923 and the second for the term ending 1926. The
editorial staff of THE QUARTERLY was re-elected without change.
Mrs. Looscan presented to the Association a number of manu-
scripts relating to the early history of Texas; Mrs. Emmett L.
Perry exhibited a collection of visiting cards inherited from her
father, Colonel Guy M. Bryan. Among the cards are those of
Stephen F. Austin, Stephen A. Douglas, Jefferson Davis, and
Alexander H. Stephens. Another gift was a picture frame made
from the lumber of the first capitol building at Houston.
The Treasurer's report was read as appears below:


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