The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 23, July 1919 - April, 1920

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Cesar Maurice Lombardi, President of A. H. Belo and Com-
pany (The Galveston-Dallas News), died at Berkeley, California,
June 23, 1919. (See sketch in Dallas News, June 24.)
A bronze statue of ex-Governor Lawrence Sullivan Ross has
been placed on the campus of the Agricultural and Mechanical
College of Texas. The statue was designed by Coppini, and a
view of it was published in the Galveston News, March 22, 1919.
The Texas Pioneers, an organization to cherish and perpetuate
the history of the early settlers of Texas, formally organized at
San Antonio, April 24, 1919, with the following officers: Honorary
President, ex-Governor Joseph D. Sayers; President, Frank H.
Bushick; Vice-Presidents, Dr. Frank Paschal and Mrs. A. W.
Houston; Secretary, Mrs. Joseph Emerson Smith.
Wyoming Historical Society Miscellanies, 1919, contain an
article by John B. Kendrick, entitled "The Texas Trail," in which
he describes the incidents of driving a herd of cattle from near
Austin, Texas, to Running Water, Wyoming, in 1879.
Editors of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly.
GENTLEMEN: I wish to correct an error in my article on The
Literature of California History, published in your April number.
Father Engelhardt's references to the "Santa Barbara Archives"
were in fact to the great archive of Franciscan materials at Santa
Barbara and not to files of the Bancroft Library. Without going
into detail to explain how my mistake occurred, I may say that
the documents in the Bancroft Library are copies, procured by
agents of Hubert Howe Bancroft, from the originals at Santa
Barbara. I may add, too, that my reference to Father Engel-
hardt's "subjectivity" was not intended in any way to reflect upon
his thoroughgoing honesty and accuracy as a historian.
Yours very truly,
2423 Hilgard Ave.

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