The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 25, July 1921 - April, 1922

News Items

The "Unique character of the original Texas Ranger force" and
"Exploits of Texas Rangers: Ben McCulloch, fighting man" are
titles of articles published in the Dallas News of March 20, and
April 17, 1921, by Mr. W. P. Webb.
Some important information concerning the establishment of
the Texas Christian Herald, one of the early Baptist publications
in Texas, and its connection with its successors is published by
Mr. R. C. Crane in the Baptist Standard of June 16, 1921.
Beginning Monday, January 17, 1921, the Houston Post has
published each Monday an article by Hon. Clarence R. Wharton
under the general caption "Texas Centennial Year." The articles
present a pretty full synopsis of the history of Texas; the series
has come down to the outbreak of the Revolution.
Under the caption "Fredericksburg, a quaint city with unique
history," Mr. Robert Penn published in the Galveston. News of
July 31, 1921, a good resume of the history of German colonization
in West Texas.
In the Temple Daily Telegram of March 2, 1921, Mr. T. A.
Hickey published a biographical sketch of Mrs. Caroline Stewart
Cox, step-daughter of Dr. Charles B. Stewart. Mrs. Cox lives at
Durango, Texas.
Colonel Hampton Cook contributed a good biographical sketch
of Captain Randal Jones to the Galveston News of July 17, 1921.
Mr. Cook has presented to the Association an original letter of
Captain Randal Jones to Stephen F. Austin, September 7, 1824,
which he published in this article; a letter of W. B. Travis to
Captain Jones, October 3, 1835; and the Honorable Discharge of
Captain Wyly Martin, signed by President Houston, December 5,
Articles of interest published in Texas newspapers: "Old King's
Highway," by Rev. George Louis Crocket, in Galveston News, Jan-
uary 16, 1921; "Peach Point Cemetery," by James E. Sullivan, in


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