The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 26, July 1922 - April, 1923

Bryan-Hayes Correspondence

Galveston, May 2nd, 1876.
Dear Rud:
I enclose you the printed slip & letter from Norton. So far as
my name (attached to the letter) is concerned, if it can by judi-
cious use do you good, you are welcome to it, and I will not go
back on it, unless I find I am in error which I take for granted
you would correct if it were so, for you know the purity of the
feeling that dictates my utterances and action. I let Norton take
his own course about publishing the letter. I really expected it
deserved its publication but I left him free to act his pleasure-
he has been judicious.
The Delegation from this State to the Cin. Convention is a
mixed one in color and character. I would advise you if nom-
inated not to compromise yourself with them. Norton is the best
one of the lot & is your friend.
In regard to the Centennial in my last was in reply to yours.
If you are beaten in Convention it will do you no harm, for
your merits will be more widely known, & your reputation will
be enlarged. I have not as yet received Norton's newspaper with
letter published.
P. S. Present me kindly to Webb & family & to your family.
I received card of marriage of Miss Minnie Fay. Is she daughter
of Tudor?
(Enclosure: Copy of Printed Slip)
Hon. Guy M. Bryan's Opinion of Gov. Hayes.
In giving to the public the following manly tribute from the
pen of Hon. Guy M. Bryan, to the worth of Gov. Hayes, of Ohio,
we trust that we commit no breach of confidence. As it is in re-
gard to a public man now very prominent, we take the responsibil-
ity of giving it publicity, as the opinion of one for years asso-


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