The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 26, July 1922 - April, 1923

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Bay Lake
Galveston Co. Oct 31, 70
Dear Hayes
I received your note enclosing the obituary notice of my old
friend and college chum Tudor [Fay]. I loved him when we
were boys, and he loved me. I have never forgotten this, or
ceased to feel a sincere affection for him. When in Columbus
in '56 I stayed with him and enjoyed him and his family very
much. He was a noble fellow at College and I doubt not was
as true and good as a man. I feel sad at his loss, for his death
has brought up so many scenes of the past-loved and cherished.
I feel sorrow because he was dear to me. I think now of him
when we were Chums, when I held him on my hand in Owl
Creek and taught him how to swim, how afterwards we bathed
together in that river. All these things come up and make me
like a boy again, and when others would obtrude I bid them
down. I loved my old College and my associations there. There
were some hearts that beat in unison with my own. "Tude's"
was one of them. Dark shadows have fallen upon us since then
but they have never, never obliterated the memory of the good
and true. I have cultivated my feeling for you, and I should
deplore as a calamity a change.
Give my regards to your wife and children.
Your friend Guy
I wrote Mrs Fay in response to a note from her.
State of Ohio
Executive Department.
Columbus, 3d Aug. 1871
My Dear Guy:
I have your kind & hearty letter. I enjoyed your visit greatly.

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