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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 27, July 1923 - April, 1924

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

The Texas State Historical Association held its twenty-seventh
annual meeting May 10 at the University of Texas. The presi-
dent, Mrs. Adele B. Looscan, presided. Miss Harriet Smither,
graduate student at the University of Texas, read from a life of
Dr. Ashbel Smith which she is writing a chapter entitled "Ashbel
Smith, Southerner." It reviewed Dr. Smith's career at Yale and
his early life as teacher and newspaper editor at Salisbury, North
Carolina, before coming to Texas. D. E. McArthur, tutor in
history at the University, read a paper on the Texas Cattle Trails.
He is the author of a volume (manuscript) on the Cattle Industry
of Texas, prior to 1890.
In the business meeting officers were elected for next year as
follows: Mrs. Adele B. Looscan, president; A. J. Houston, La-
porte, Alex Dienst, Temple, George W. Tyler, Belton, and T. F.
Harwood, Gonzales, vice-presidents; Charles W. Ramsdell, Austin,
secretary and treasurer; Professor E. T. Miller, Austin, and Sam-
uel E. Asbury, College Station, members of the executive council.
Miss Harriet Smither, Judge George W. Tyler, and Professor
W. P. Webb were elected fellows of the Association.
A committee was appointed to frame an address urging the or-
ganization of county historical societies, and its report appears in
this issue, pages 74-76.
The following were elected to membership in the Association:
Mrs. W. S. Banks, Temple; W. J. Bryan, Abilene; F. W. Bur-
ford, Belton; John Chapman, Sweetwater; A. K. Christian, Nor-
man, Oklahoma; Lee Clark, Wichita Falls; A. Cowling, Com-
merce; 0. H. Cooper, Abilene; W. M. Crook, Beaumont; Miss A.
Curlee, Waxahachie; J. B. Dibrell, Jr., Coleman; H. P. Drought,
San Antonio; Senator H. L. Darwin, Paris; E. G. Eberle, Phila-
delpha, Pa.; F. J. Francis, Enow Valley, Pa.; Mrs. R. M. Green,
San Antonio; J. E. Hall, Wichita Falls; J. W. Hill, San Angelo;
The Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, San Gabriel,
Cal.; S. J. Isaacks, El Paso; J. M. Kirwin, V. T., Laporte; A. J.
Long, Fort Worth; C. F. Marshall, Graham; L. B. Miller, Hico;
V. S. Monroe, Beaumont; O. T. Nicholson, Shamrock; Mrs. T.
O'Connor, Victoria; Rev. J. G. O'Donohoe, Waxahachie; Poca-
hontas Chapter, D. A. R., San Angelo; Rev. M. Phelan, Childress;

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 27, July 1923 - April, 1924. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 6, 2016.

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