The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 28, July 1924 - April, 1925

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

The Spanish Southwest, 1542-1794: an annotated bibliography.
By Henry R. Wagner. (Berkeley. 1924. Pp. 302 Fol.
Illus. facsims.).
In this pioneer work, the author has attempted to present all
known works treating of the Southwest which were printed be-
tween 1542 and 1794, although the opening sentence of the in-
troduction-"The field covered by this work comprises those parts
of the United States which formerly formed part of the province
of New Spain"-would lead one to expect that materials on Flor-
ida and Louisiana at least until 1763, would be included.
The volume represents seven years of research in the principal
bibliographical treasure houses of Europe and America. During
that time the author had in his possession, as he says, nearly all
the principal titles described. The opportunity, thus afforded, of
an intimate acquaintance with each work permitted him to dis-
cuss with authority many bibliographical details.
The reproduction of the title pages, the admirable collations, the
bibliographical data in regard to later editions and translations,
and the biographical and historical material embodied in the
notes make this volume indispensable to students of the early his-
tory of the Southwest. The location of copies will appeal to those
wishing to consult such material. A suggestive bibliography and
an excellent index complete the work.
This bibliography will certainly call attention to many items
not hitherto cited as sources for southwestern history. It is to
be regretted that the author departed from his original plan of
carrying the work to 1821, as there seems no logical reason for
breaking off in 1794.
Only one hundred copies of this work were printed, and of this
number twenty are for private distribution.
Recent publications relating to Texas and the Southwest:
The Austin Papers, '1765-1827. Edited by Eugene C. Barker.
Washington: Government Printing Office, 1924. Pp. vii, 1824.
8vo. (Volume 2 of the Annual Report of the American Historical
Association for 1919, in two parts. Part I, pages 1-1008, contains
documents from 1789 to 1824; Part II, pages 1009-1824, covers the


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