The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 28, July 1924 - April, 1925

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Dallas News of October 12, 1924, contained 210 pages; it is the
largest issue published by this paper.
The San Antonio Conservation Society on December 16, 1924,
held an exhibition of historical relics, including manuscripts, paint-
ings, flags, furniture, clothing, etc.
The log of a herd of Texas cattle, driven to Iowa in 1866, is
contained in George C. Duffield's Diary which is published in
Annals of Iowa, XIV, 246-262 (April, 1924).
The Texas History Teachers' Bulletin, XII, No. 1, contains the
Caldwell Prize Essays for 1924, and the announcements for the
contest of 1925. (University of Texas Bulletin No. 2440.)
Press dispatches of December 20, 1924, announced gifts of prop-
erty valued at one million dollars to Southern Methodist Univer-
sity by Mr. and Mrs. R. Harper Kirby of Austin.
The authorship of the famous tribute: "Thermopylae had her
messenger of defeat but the Alamo had none," is discussed by
Judge George W. Tyler in a letter to the Dallas News of November
7, 1924.
The loss of the First Texas Infantry at Gettysburg was 82.3
per cent. This is "the greatest sacrifice made by any troops in
battle, on either side, in any army," asserts Mr. Alex W. Acheson
in Dallas News of October 12, 1924.
"Denkschrift zum fiinfzigjifhrigen Jubilum der Immanuels
Gemeinde zu Pfliigerville, Texas," is the title of an illustrated
twenty-page pamphlet distributed at the celebration of the anni-
versary, November 2, 1924.
"Christmas 1866 and Mount Bonnell" by J. C. Tolman tells
of the journey of the Sixth United States Cavalry from Norfolk,
Virginia, to Austin, Texas, and describes some of the incidents
of the Christmas celebration of these Yankee soldiers. The article


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