The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 28, July 1924 - April, 1925

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Caldwell Dallas
Prize News

Avis Calvin, 810 East Brazos St., Graham,
Texas. "Young County's Part in the
Indian Problem" .................. .
Elizabeth Wright, Graham, Texas. "The
Educational Progress of Graham".....
Velma Thomas, Anson, Texas. "The His-
tory of Jones County". ..............
Mary Martin, 728 North Taylor St.,
Gainesville, Texas. "History of Trans-
portation and Communication in Cooke
County" ..........................
Hazel Morgan, Nacogdoches, Texas. "A
'Two-Gun' Man of the Law" .........



5.00 10.00
5.00 7.50
5.00 7.50
5.00, 7.50
5.00 7.50

SPECIAL MENTION EssAYs.-The following essays were awarded
special mention (alphabetically arranged):
1Mindora Bagby, Edna, Texas. "Local History of Jackson
Blanche J. Ballerstedt, Manor, Texas. "History of Manor."
Emma D. Carter, 919 West 10th St., Dallas, Texas. "The
Cradle of Texas."
Anita F. Iickenson, 2027 Pease St., Vernon, Texas. "Doans."
James Easterling, Box 128, Athens, Texas. "History of Hen-
derson County."
Patsy Garner, Livingston, Texas. "The Alabama Indians."
Walter Greig, Box 373, Austin, Texas. "History of Austin."
Hattie Mae Herbert, Box 415, Freeport, Texas. "The Sulphur
Industry near Freeport."
Margaret Kilgore, San Angelo, Texas. "The Concho Country-
Mildred Stanley, Route 5, Tyler, Texas. "A History of the
Cherokee Indians in Smith County."
The beginnings of Castro's Colony is the title of a paper pub-
lished by Helen Raley in the San Antonio Express of June 15,

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