The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 31, July 1927 - April, 1928

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

and if the Crop does not turn out well to make him a reasonable
Wednesday the 10th rain! rain! rain! Cold! Cold! Cold! in
the Evening made a large fire in the Peach Orchard expecting it
would freeze, did not do so to day very cold with strong north
wind, & looks like it was going to Clear up, I am making prepera-
tions for a heavy frost to night by having wood hawled and placed
in heaps to set on fire to night-
Thursday the 11h weather same as yesterday only more cold,
determined to safe the fruit in the Orchard by preparing large
wood piles to be set on fire again to night no mail-no news- no
business, yet a new Merchant named Byers is opened at the
Friday the 12th march Cleared up last night, and had a
glorious Frost every thing in the garden is destroyed, my large fires
I made may have saved some of the Peaches- not sure- this
afternoon Martin Rumpff an old friend of mine arrived from
Houston, lives- pro tem- with me, very fine weather the ballance
of the day-
Saturday the 13th frost again, last night; a little before day
Mrs Millard died after a severe, but very protracted illness. was
buried at 4 P. M. received a Box and some few dry goods send
to me by Alexander Philipps of New Orleans as pr Letter receved
sometime ago, received also some goods of Mr Myers's and agreably
to his instructions sold them at Auction, exepting 8 caps which are
unsold, the Ballance brought $18.06-. Lodge met this Evening
Sunday the 14th near night yesterday wind changed to the
South, beutifull day, to day- wrote to the Clerk of the County
court of Jasper to send me back my Title inclosed the letter in
an envelop directed to C. M. Gould to be forwarded by him, Nathan
Wade (my second Lieutenant) was joined in the Holy bonds of
matrimony to Miss urania willbourne, wrote out all my appeal
cases to have them ready to hand to the District Clerk, which
Court, now, alone has jurisdiction over appeals taken from a
magistrate's Court- elegant-
Monday the 15th beutifull weather- mail arrived from the
west- a miracle- nothing new saw McGowan who lives on
Patricio's place, is perfectly willing to hold the field he is working
under me, or my agent;- Col P. Tipps one of the Commissioners


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