The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 31, July 1927 - April, 1928

Book Reviews and Notices

chapter two, which corresponds to the first chapter of the prin-
ceps edition and seems to indicate that the first chapter printed
in the present edition was discarded by Agreda y Sanchez upon
comparing his translation with the princeps edition.
C. E. O.
Cat6logo de la coleccidn de manuscritos relativos a la historic
de America. Formada por Joaquin Garcia Icazbalceta.
Anotada y adicionada por Federico G6mez de Orozco.
M'xico, 1927.
The Catalogo of the manuscripts of Garcia Icazbalceta consti-
tutes the ninth monograph in the series of bibliographical studies
by the Secretaria de Relaciones. The editor claims that it is a
reproduction of the original manuscript prepared by Garcia
Icazbalceta for his own use and later loaned to his friend, NicolAs
Le6n. In the Introduction the editor states that there are at
least three other manuscript copies of the Catdlogo known, one
in the possession of the Garcia Pimental family, one, that for-
merly belonged to Jos6 Maria Agreda y Sanchez, in the Univer-
sity of Texas Library, and one, which was sent by Garcia Icaz-
balceta to his friend in Spain, Marcos Jimenez de la Espada.
This statement in the Introduction gives the reader the impres-
sion that the copy used for publication is the original, that the
other manuscript copies were made from it, that the Catalogo
published comprises the complete document, carefully reproduced
without alterations, and that the notes only are supplied by the
editor. As a matter of fact, the manuscript here printed is a
list made by Garcia Icazbalceta for his friend, NicolAs Le6n, and
was taken from the Catalogo de Libros y Manuscritos kept by
Garcia Icazbalceta for his own use. This consists of seventy-seven
leaves of which twenty-three only are taken up by the manu-
scripts in his collection. It is these twenty-three leaves which
have been printed as the complete catalogue.
The Agreda y Sanchez manuscript is in the handwriting of
the daughter of Sefior Garcia Icazbalceta, who often acted as his
secretary. It is more amply annotated than the list published
and, judging from the additional notes and corrections, it is the
copy which Garcia Icazbalceta used until the time of his death,


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