The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 31, July 1927 - April, 1928

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

sissippi, as to the independence of Texas; Mr. Frederick L. Pax-
son's "The Constitution of Texas, 1845," and Annie Middleton's
"Donelson's Mission to Texas in Behalf of Annexation"; and "The
Texas Convention of 1845."
Then there are valuable monographs on the tragedies of the
Republic; such as, Winkler's "Bexar and Dawson Prisoners";
Potter's "Escape of Karnes and Teal from Matamoras"; Hen-
drick's "The Somerville Expedition to the Rio Grande in 1842";
and Marshall's "Santa F6 Expedition." The Navy, Postal Sys-
tem, Indian Relations, the Tariff and other fiscal policies of the
Republic are fully covered.
"History of Texas Geography," by Z. T. Fulmore (I, 9); "De-
funct Counties of Texas," by R. L. Batts (I, 87); "Sketch of
the Development of the Judicial System of Texas," by John C.
Towns (II, 29, 134); "Adjustment of the Texas Boundary in
1850," by W. J. Spillman (VII, 177); "The First Railroad in
Texas," by P. Briscoe (VII, 279); "A Letter from Vera Cruz
in 1847," contributed .by Robert A. Law (XVIII, 215); "The
Apache in the Southwest, 1845-1886," by Bertha Blount (XXIII,
20); "The Question of Texas Jurisdiction in New Mexico Under
the United States, 1845-1850," by William Cambell Binkley
(XXIV, 1); "A Ray of Light on the Gadsden Treaty," by J. Fred
Rippy (XXIV, 235); "Some Aspects of the History of West and
Northwest Texas since 1845," by R. C. Crane (XXVI, 30);
"The Negotiation of the Gadsden Treaty," by J. Fred Rippy
(XXVII, 1); "The Federal Indian Policy in Texas, 1845-1860,"
by Lena Clara Koch (XXVIII, 223, 259; XXIX, 19, 98); "Cali-
fornia Emigrant Roads Through Texas," by Mabelle Eppard Mar-
tin (XXVIII, 287); "Some Details of the Southern Overland
Mail," by Rupert N. Richardson (XXIX, 1); "From Texas to
California in 1849: Diary of C. C. Cox," edited by Mabelle
Eppard Martin (XXIX, 36, 128, 201); "The City of Kent," by
Dbrothy Waities, Renick (XXIX, 51); "Stockton's Proclamation
to the San Diego Insurgents" (XX, 151); "Diary of a Texas
Volunteer in the Mexican War," by James K. Holland (XXI, 1);
"California and the Nation, 1846-1869" (XXX, 83), by Joseph

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