The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 31, July 1927 - April, 1928

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

333); "The United States Gunboat Harriet Lane," by Philip C.
Tucker, 3rd (XXI, 360); "Mexican Projects of the Confederates,"
by J. Fred Rippy (XXII, 301); "Reminiscences of Reconstruction
in Texas," by Ex-Lieutenant Governor T. B. Wheeler (XI, 56);
"Reminiscences of Terry Rangers," by J. K. P. Blackburn (XXII,
Mr. Ernest William Winkler, Librarian of the University of
Texas, in addition to other valuable papers heretofore referred to,
has made a notable contribution to the beginning of real Recon-
struction in the South, not forcible, but through conciliation, in
the "Bryan-Hayes Correspondence" (XXV, xxx). This intimate
correspondence between two college chums throws light on many
of the administrative measures of President Hayes during a most
critical period.
"Thoughts on Economic History," by C. E. Dutton (I, 151);
"Some Historical Activities of the Texas Library and Historical
Commission," by E. W. Winkler (XIV, 294); "Destruction of
Historic Archives of Texas," by E. W. Winkler (XV, 148); "His-
tory of the Cattle Industry in the Southwest," by Clara M. Love
(XIX, 370, XX, 1; "The Hays Administration and Mexico," by
William Roy Lewis (XXIV, 140); "Some Precedents of the
Pershing Expedition into Mexico," by J. Fred Rippy (XXIV,
292); "'The Recognition of the Diaz Government by the United
States," by Charles W. Hackett (XXVIII, 34); "Sam Houston
and William Simpson Oldham," by E. W. Winkler (XX, 146);
"Early Irrigation in Texas (XXV, 121) and "Early Art of Ter-
restrial Measurement and Its Pra'ctice in Texas" (XXIX, 79), by
E. P. Arneson; "The City of Kent," by Dorothy Waties Reneck
(XXIX, 51); "The First Text Book used in Texas," by Lota M.
Spell (XXIX, 289); "The Amateur Historian," by Samuel E.
Asbury (XXVIII, 87); and "The Greenback Party in Texas," by
Roscoe C. Martin (XXX, 161).
"The Approaches to California," by Frederick J. Teggart (XVI,
63); "The Eastern Boundary of California in the Convention of
1849," by Cardinal Goodwin (XVI, 227); "The Movement for

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