The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 31, July 1927 - April, 1928

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

The annual meeting of the Texas State Historical Association
was held at the University of Texas on April 22, 1927. The Presi-
dent of the Association, Judge T. F. Harwood, reviewed the work
of the Association during the thirty years of its existence in the
address that appears in this issue; and Mrs. R. L. Biesele read a
paper entitled "Relations Between the German Settlers and the
Indians in Texas, 1844-1850."
The business meeting accepted the resignation of Dr. Charles
W. Ramsdell as Corresponding Secretary and Business Manager
of the Association; but induced him to retain the office of Treas-
urer. Dr. Ramsdell had held the combined offices of Secretary,
Business Manager and Treasurer for more than twenty years, and
asked relief on account of the heavy burden of other work. The
special committee empowered to find a successor for Dr. Rams-
dell has selected Mrs. Coral Horton Tullis to be Corresponding
Secretary and Business Manager. Mrs. Tullis is Tutor in His-
tory in the University of Texas.
Miss Abigail Curlee and Mr. Carlos E. Castafieda were elected
Fellows of the Association. Miss Curlee is the author of "The
History of a Texas Slave Plantation" (XXVI, 79-128), and is a
candidate for the Ph. D. degree in History at the University of
Texas. Mr. Castafieda is the author of various translations.
Letters of sympathy were addressed to Mrs. A. B. Looscan and
Judge George W. Tyler, who were detained from the meeting on
account of illness.
A hundred and twenty-six members were elected. All officers
were re-elected: Judge T. F. Harwood, President; Dr. Alex
Dienst, Rev. W. S. Red, Judge George W. Tyler, and Professor
J. L. Clark, Vice-Presidents. Mrs. ISVattie Austin Hatcher and
Mrs. J. E. Haley were elected to the Executive Council.
The Treasurer's report follows:

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