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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 32, July 1928 - April, 1929

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

The thirty-first annual meeting of the Texas State Historical
Association was held at Austin, Texas, April 11-12, 1928.
The first meeting of the Association took place Wednesday
afternoon, April 11, at 2:30 o'clock in the east room of the Stephen
F. Austin Hotel, with the President, Mr. T. F. Harwood presid-
ing. Mr. Frost Woodhull and Mr. J. M. Slator, Jr., of San
Antonio read papers on the Seminole Indian Scouts. Mr. S. E.
Asbury followed with a sketch of the career of Samuel P. Carson.
A visit to the French embassy completed the afternoon program.
The evening program consisted of a dinner during which the
members were entertained by the story of the beginnings of the
Association by Mrs. Bride Neill Taylor of Austin, a charter mem-
ber of the Association.
Thursday morning, April 12, the State and University Libraries
were visited. At noon the Executive Council met at luncheon
with ten members present.
Thursday afternoon the Association convened in the auditorium
of Garrison Hall. Two papers were read: "West Texas Drouths,"
by Mr. W. C. Holden, and "Santa Anna as Seen by His Secretary,"
by Mr. Carlos Castaieda.
The business meeting closed the program. All officers were re-
elected. Major Ingham S. Roberts was elected Vice-President to
fill the vacancy created by the death of Judge G. W. Tyler. Mrs.
Bride Neill Taylor was elected to the Executive Council in the
place of Mrs. L. N. Throop, who died recently. Thirty-seven new
members were elected. Several honorary members were elected
in recognition of gifts of valuable historical material to the Asso-
ciation or to the University Library. Miss Anna Powell was
elected a Fellow in the Association and a member of the Execu-
tive Council.
Telegrams were sent to Mrs. Adele Looscan of Houston and to
Dr. Alex Dienst of Temple expressing the regret of the Asso-
ciation that they were prevented from attending on account of
illness. A letter of sympathy was addressed to Mrs. G. W. Tyler
of Belton. Judge Tyler was a Vice-President and a member of
the Executive Council at the time of his death.


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 32, July 1928 - April, 1929. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 5, 2016.

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