The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 32, July 1928 - April, 1929

Diary of Adolphus Sterne

Tuesday the 13th weather very warm- Mrs Mora in Town, has
played me a trick about the Land I contracted for sometime ago
but nous ver6ns- was up in the office and attended to Business
regularly- got over my sickness-
Wednesday the 14 excessively hot- Mr Nelson the County
Surveyor Commenced to Board with me at $20.00 pr Month I took
him because he is a decent young man, and we allways have more
on the Table then we want for the family he lodges in his Office-
Old Crossman dined with me-- Vital Flores who was Sick lately
was in Town- old Marriano Mora the oldest Mexican in Town
very sick this day a year ago I was taken sick
Thursday the 15th excessively hot near night it was allmost un-
supportable- mail from East- rd A Book from Mr Deyoung of
San Augustin containing the Service of Yom Kippur in the
portuguese ritual,30 also $15.00 par funds to take 5 field notes out
of the County Surveyors office- no news from the U. S.
Fryday the 16th- Thermometer at 97 in the Shade too hot
to breathe doing nothing, anniversary of the Battle of the nechaz,
where Boweles was killed
Saturday the 17th Thermr 1/2 degree higher than yesterday,
mail arrived from the west, brought a large quantity of Papers-
and left more then half behind at Cincinnatti, an old Publication"l
against Sam Houston by Col Coleman, is republished, received
two Copies, recd a Letter from J. W. Smith of Bexar, one from
Roberts the acting Secretary of War, dam him I owe him no good
will- he is the chap who was very hospitably entertained by me
about 6 years ago and gave me the Devils thanks to wit ingratitude
in return- received also a Letter from Mr Butler of Galvezton,
all have to be answered by next weeks mail
SoSterne uses the word minik, evidently meaning minhag, ritual. I am
indebted to Dr. H. J. Leon, Adjunct Professor of Classical Languages,
University of Texas, for the translation.
"'Houston Displayed, or who won the Battle of ian Jacinto? By a
Farmer in the Army (Velasco, 1837).


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 32, July 1928 - April, 1929. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 29, 2016.

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