The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 32, July 1928 - April, 1929

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

a first rate musician, on the Piano forte & guitar- on which latter
instrument she exells-
Genl Houston made a Deed to Eugenia of a square of ground
in the Town situated East of Raguets's Lott, bounded South by
Douglass, or Pilar Street north by Main Street, & East by the
Street leading in front of my Dwelling House, and which is called
after me. Sat as associate Judge in Probate Court, to settle Doc-
tor Starrs administration Business- on Douglass's Estate.
Tuesday the 26th October frost, heavy frost last night general
Houston got his Horses back, which he had lost; last night. This
morning at 11 A. M. left here for Doctor Irion's House near the
Wednesday the 27th weather changed last night to a mild
warm, a Company of gentlemen Serenaded last night much grati-
fied- major Reiley in Town yet- Capt Daniel, H. Vail & Lady
arrived yesterday from Sabine Town
The Rosenberg Library.-Dr. James K. Greer requests the
editors of THE QUARTERLY to enlarge the statement of his in-
debtedness to the Rosenberg Library of Galveston, Texas, for the
copy of the Ammon Underwood Journal (THE QUARTERLY,
XXXII, 124-151). He worked from a photostatic copy of the
original made by the Rosenberg Library. The editors of THE
QUARTERLY gladly make this statement and welcome the oppor-
tunity to express their warm appreciation of the activity of the
Rosenberg Library in collecting and preserving the source mate-
rials of Texas history and of its generosity in making such mate-
rials available to historical students.
E. C. B.


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