The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 32, July 1928 - April, 1929

Diary of Adolphus Sterne

Wednesday the 19th fine weather- Court adjourned to day.
all the Lawyers got drunk exept C. M.Gould Esqr had company
to dinner-
Thursday the 20th fine weather- nothing new, mail arrived,
brought no news Texas monay appears to be advancing-
Fryday the 21st may very fine weather, rather too dry-
every body left here to day. Mr Lauve & Pirault Mr Caldwell
for Galvezton, Capt English & Gould for the East- a general
clearing out-- One arrival our old Townsman Mr Mortimer
Thorn, drove off from amongst the indians in arkansas- send
a long Communication Signed- S. to San Augustin headed-
"Eleven Leagues & Leagues & Labors,- send a draft pr Capt.
English on John Phat of Campt6 for $25.00 requested him to get
me a barrell of sugar & some Sperm candles for it- the draft
was given me by Mr A. Thouvenin for Services rendered to Said
Prat in case w[h]ere said Pratt is Plaintiff for a Lot of ground in
this Town and Juan Jose Mariano Acosta is defendant-
Saturday the 22d fine weather, a little cloudy went fishing in
the forenoon- good luck. Judge Terrell returned from Crockett
having understood that there is no Court in Houston Mr May
from Galvezston arrived to day with Mr Terrell. has land business
to attend to- gave in the Tax of Louis Rueg, amounting to 16,605
acres deeded Land. Jose Ma Mora acknowledged the Deed he had
made to Mrs Despallier for a Section of Land- on the Atascosa
Law Suits- plenty to day- disposed of them all
Sunday the 23d may weather very fine, was unwell Kept the
House all day, till 4 P. m. when the western mail arrived, it is
officially announced by the Secretary of State that the whole Loan
is negotiated in Paris, and will be at the disposal of the Congress
by the 1st July next no further news.
Monday the 24th Sultry oppressive warm weather Dispatched
mails. agreably to an appointment of the Probate Court. went
to Vital Flores's to make a division of the Land granted to Jose

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