The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 33, July 1929 - April, 1930

Diary of Adolphus Sterne

Fryday the 6th weather same as yesterday- the Habeas Corpus
Case in the Case of the Republic vs Rose came up and was very
eloquently argued on both sides, alll the reports and cases known
were brought forward for & against the Prisoners the Judges will
decide to morrow wither he ought, or ought not to hear testimony,
in the Case-
Saturday the 7th weather dry, cold, and like January Judge
Ochiltree decided this morning to hear testimony in Rose's Case-
I belive he will be bailed- the Battallion of Jack Tod mustered
to day. was. on the Staff of Brigadier General Smith; preparing
to receive Company to night to a dancing Party- the Party as-
sembled at 7 every thing went on in harmony, untill about 10
oclock some wretch set my stable on fire, and with much difficulty
the House was saved, the young men in a trice were on the I-House,
after the Stable was burnt the Dance was resumed, as though
nothing had happened- I do not know how this happened, it
certainly was not an accident, as no One was down at the Stable
with fire, nor was there any thing which could have produced fire
had a cigar been trown down, so it must have been an incendiary,
and that he was one who was not invited to the Party, probably
time will show
Sunday the 8th fine weather no news of who set my Stable on
fire I have several men and One Boy under suspicions but can not
come at a correct conclusion, I whish I knew the truth no matter
how it happened it would relieve me- no news by the Northern
mail, Mr Davison the Contractor on route no 5 passed to day to
Austin wrote by him to the P.O. Department
Monday the 9th May 1842 fine weather rather dry- rain
wanting- no news yet of the Incendiary-the Judge of the District
Court deceided to day that Rose, his Son, and Son in Law might
be admitted to bail the former in $25000.00 and the two latter in
$10000.00- I went security for One of them Rose's Son for
$5000.00- he looks so honest & I belive him to be so else I would


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 33, July 1929 - April, 1930. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 29, 2016.

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