The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 34, July 1930 - April, 1931

Through Texas and Northern Mexico in 1846-1847 231
ERN MEXICO IN 1846-1847
Corpus Christi, 28th Oct.
Last night I was introduced at Capt Stevansons to Capt Grey,
Comandant of the Co. of Texan rangers stationed near this town.
Grey is a fair specimen of the ranger, at all times ready to engage
[in] a fight, fora[y], amour, dance, or drinking bout. Here also,
I became acquainted withe several other citizens. Among them
young Sayre and Hord. The two latter start tomorrow for Montera,
via Carmargo. They and Stevenson, insist that I remain and go
with them. Although, I cannot but feel that I am tresspassing on
the generous hospitality of the latter, I have concluded to do so.
Myself and horse, by having a days rest and good cheer, will be
better able to stand the trip.
Evening, Stevenson and I have just returned from shooting
ducks, on "the falls" above town. We had fine sport. Earth
and water were covered with infinite numbers, of ducks, geese,
cranes, and swans. At the fire of our pieces, they rose in such
dense clouds, as for a time to darken the air. Tell Bob, I often
thought of him, while the work of slaughter was going on, and
imagined, how much he would have enjoyed it. We also got a fine
string of mullets. At this sport too he would have been in his
Lake Awahdoolse [Agua dulce] (water sweet) 29th.
Left Corpus Christi this morning. Five in company, Sayer,
Hord, Kelsoe, a Mexican guide, and myself. Sayer and Hord are
attached to the ranger service, and are carrying dispaches to Gen.
Taylor. Sayre is a Allabamian, a man of strong sense, a little
supercilious, generous, rash, brave, and irritable, a "border" char-
acter would seek rather than avoid a brawl. Horde is a Vir-
ginian by birth, raised in Ky, and educated in Mississippi. He has
a mind above mediocrity, and well disciplined, is on first acquant-
ance distant and reserved. Is (if I have not mistaken him), cau-

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