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Not Now

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 35, July 1931 - April, 1932

Diary of Adolphus Sterne

Monday the 8th Cloudy this morning, rain in the afternoon,
Court in Session, criminal Docket came on, no cases of consequence
came on- the Sheriff presented me the Order to take the two
Negroes into his posession, told him that I would have my Bond
ready by to morrow morning nine Oclock- had a large Party at
our House to night- rained very hard this afternoon. Mr and
Mrs Canfield from San Augustin arrived-
Tuesday the 9th a tremendous rain last night- Clear to day,
gave my Bond for the two negroes in my posession, a large meeting
was held in the Court House to day, to nominate a Suitable Can-
didate for the Presidency. Gel Rusk was nominated; several
gentlemen made Speaches, Muse and Parker the other two Can-
didates for the Senate had a tug at one an other Mr and Mrs
Canfield here yet, all hands gone to Judge Harts-8 P. m. stay
at home to mind the childern-
Wednesday the '10th very warm weather, court nearly trough
with all Business, Mr Canfield and Lady here yet- they had quite
a Party at Judge Horts last night-- Mr Greer the Senator from
San Augustin County arrived from Galvezton, brings the news
that Mexico has overcome the Yucatecos, and that the latter have
surrendered to the former, and that we may look out for Squalls
now. Mail arrived from the west, confirms Mr Greer's Statements
Exchequer Monay had a Sudden fall at Galvezton from 80 to 40
cents in the Dollar, hurrah, for Texas-
Thursday the 11th weather very very warm- Court adjourned
to day, Mr Chevallier gave a Party at his House in the Evening,
and we all went home in the morning
Friday the 712th weather same, Deyoung, and Canfield went
home, those who were here during Court are gone and Nacogdochez
is as dead a looking place as I have seldom seen it before- Mr
Bondies arrived from Crockett- Mr Hayter who was to have come
in to day to get his Bill of sale for the Land, did not come accord-
ing to his promise, and if I could possibly do, without selling him


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 35, July 1931 - April, 1932. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 1, 2016.

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