The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 35, July 1931 - April, 1932

Affairs of the Association

The Texas State Historical Association met in its thirty-fourth
annual session Monday and Tuesday, April 20-21, 1931. The
meetings were held in Garrison Hall on the University of Texas
Professor W. P. Webb of the history department of the Uni-
versity gave as the first address on the program Monday after-
noon The Tradition of the Great American Desert. He was fol-
lowed by a paper on Henry Castro, Pioneer and Colonist, by
Rabbi Henry Cohen of Galveston. Mr. J. Evetts Haley, collector
in research in the social sciences, concluded the program of the
afternoon with a Report on County Archives and Local History.
Dr. Alex Dienst, President of the Association, presided at the
annual dinner in the evening. Mr. Clarence Wharton of Hous-
ton and Miss Fannie Ratchford of Austin were the speakers of
the evening.
Tuesday morning, April 21, was spent in visiting the French
Embassy, the Ney Studio, and the Texas Archives in the Univer-
sity of Texas Library.
The executive luncheon was given at noon and was followed by
an afternoon program. Miss Maurine Wilson of Austin spoke on
the Third Expedition of Phillip Nolan. Prof. S. E. Asbury of
College Station read a paper on James Butler Bonham which had
been prepared by Prof. Milledge L. Bonham of Hamilton Col-
lege, Clinton, New York. Mr. L. W. Kemp gave a talk on
the work of locating and preserving the burial places of the illus-
trious pioneers of Texas. The remains of many of these have
been removed to the State Cemetery.
Officers were elected as follows: President, Dr. Alex Dienst;
Vice-Presidents, Rev. W. S. Red, Major Ingham S. Roberts, Mr.
J. L. Clark, Mr. Harbert Davenport; Recording Secretary and
Librarian, Prof. E. C. Barker; Treasurer, Prof. Chas. W. Rams-
dell; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Coral H. Tullis.
Father Paul J. Foik of St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas,
was elected a Fellow of the Association.
Mrs. J. J. Nunally of Fort Worth was elected an honorary
Twenty-seven new members were elected.
The financial report for the year follows:

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