The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 36, July 1932 - April, 1933

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Homeward Bound, and Captain (John S.) Ford. There are four
illustrations, the most interesting being the picture of the old
Swisher home in Austin, a beautiful example of colonial archi-
tecture. The pamphlet may be obtained from Mrs. J. R. Blocker,
201 Artillery Post, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
The Heroes of San Jacinto. By Sam Houston Dixon and Louis
Wiltz Kemp. (The Anson Jones Press, Houston, 1932.
Pp. xv, 462. Illustrations.)
"The original muster roll of the battle of San Jacinto listed
783 officers and enlisted men. A large proportion of these were
recorded without initials or given names. Hundreds were incor-
rectly spelled. . . . This book undertakes to preserve and re-
store the authentic personnel of this colorful and valiant army."
This quotation from a statement of the authors presents ac-
curately and concisely the object of their investigation. They have
verified the names of 918 participants, officers and men; have cor-
rected misspellings of 171 names; have supplied Christian names
or initials for 362 men. The principal source for the study, and
the decisive one where the sources conflict, is the great mass of
manuscript records in the General Land Office of Texas. Par-
ticipants in the battle of San Jacinto were entitled to a grant of
land from the Republic of Texas. Sooner or later they or their
heirs applied for the land and filed evidences of service. Some-
times the statements of the applicants contained a considerable
amount of biographical information; sometimes they gave little
more than the dates of service. Besides the Land Office records,
which consist of bounty and donation certificates and the evidence
upon which they were issued, the authors have used the Comp-
troller's Military Service Records, in the State Library; County
Deed and Probate Records; Pension Records; early Texas news-
papers; and the printed rosters of the Texas Veterans' Associa-
tion-and, of course, previous biographical publications.
The amount of work involved in the study can only be appre-
ciated by one who knows the nature of the records. It is truly
enormous. It was done largely by Mr. Kemp, with the cordial
cooperation of Mr. J. H. Walker, Commissioner of the General


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