The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 36, July 1932 - April, 1933

Diary of Adolphus Sterne

Thursday the 22d Cloudy but no rain here, rained all around
this place, nothing stirring-
Friday the 23d had rain somewhere near this, which is known
by the cool air- Madame Louis Procela announced to me that she
shall discontinue to carry the mail this is unfortunate at this time,
as we look for news with much anxiety from the west, I must try
and see if I can get an other carrier, have one in view, whom I
shall see to morrow-
Saturday June the 24th Cloudy, rain occasionally during the
day,- this is Saint John's day, nothing at all doing amongst the
Masonic Fraternity, this is not as it should be- Mr Nelson re-
turned from San Augustin Mr Peck arrived, from same place,
Sunday the 25th rain, rain, rain, sun set cloudy- wrote a
letter to David F. Tabor, inclosing twenty dollars in gold to redeem
my watch, intended to send it pr Mr Wood who took sick to day,
it is unknown when I shall have an oportunity to send it now,
wrote also to A. W. Canfield Our little Laura is sick- hope to
God it will not be dangerous-
Monday the 26th fair weather, cut down my oats to day sat as
one of the associate Justices of the Probate Court in Moore &
Thorns cases- sold the Lot opposite Norris's south of Moreland's
Lot to J. C. Morrison for fifty dollars, Deed not made yet- made
arrangements with Lafayette Holland to carry the mail for a few
trips to Sabine Town, my Son Charles will carry it to Mount Airy,
till I can hear from Mr Goodman the contractor to whim I have
written to night, informing him of the failure of Ignacio Mendez-
the late mail rider, Mr Blake returned last night from Houston,
and Montgomery no, news-
Tuesday the 27th fair weather, send off the western mail, by
my son Charles, wrote to Mr Goodman eta sued Madame Procela
for $100.00 price of my Horse send $20.00 by Mr John Adams to
Mr Tabor of Natchitochez to redeem my watch,
Wednesday the 28th very warm. mail from west, no news- Joel

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 36, July 1932 - April, 1933. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed February 13, 2016.