The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 37, July 1933 - April, 1934

Book Reviews and Notices

of the Camp Meeting, 1800-1811; The Circuit Rider among
Frontier Folk; Educational Efforts and Achievement; Missionary
Efforts among the Indians; the Negro and the Methodist Church;
Efforts for a Temperate Social Order.
E. C. B.
Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala. By Dorothy H. Pope-
noe. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1933. Pp.
xiv, 74. $1.50.)
Charming both in text and format, and illustrated from draw-
ings by the author, this little book was prepared for visitors to
Antigua Guatemala who have not read the early chronicles. The
first two chapters, "The Conquest" and "Almolonga," constitute
an authentic summary of the narrative of events, centering chiefly
around the exploits of Alvarado, which preceded the founding of
the third capital. Chapter III "Panchoy and the Golden Era,"
comprising more than one-half of the text, is almost entirely
descriptive of Antigua Guatemala-its numerous ruined churches,
monasteries, public buildings, streets, and parks. Several bio-
graphical sketches are also included-notably those of the incom-
parable warrior-chronicler, Bernal Diaz del Castillo and the militant
"Defender of the Indians," Fray Bartolomb de las Casas. Chapter
IV, "Dies Irae, Dies Illa," in three pages, and based chiefly on a
contemporary account, tells of the final destruction of the third
capital and of the removal to its present site. The volume was
published posthumously and in the Introduction by Thomas Bar-
bour is included a brief biographical sketch of and a personal
tribute to the very remarkable author.
The Story of Early Clayton, New Mexico. By Albert W. Thomp-
son. (Clayton: The News, 1933. Pp. 96. $.50.)
Albert W. Thompson, early settler of northeastern New Mexico,
cowboy, homesteader, postmaster, and, finally, substantial business
man in the region he helped pioneer, has told the early history of
his land as he remembered it, supplemented somewhat by the
memories of others and a consultation of documentary sources.


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