The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 37, July 1933 - April, 1934

Book Reviews and Notices

commissioners have made arrangements with Mexico for an
Armistice for 10 years- also that Genl Murphy the United
States Minister at our seat of government is the Bearer of a
treaty of annexation of Texas to the United States ojala
Monday the 6th February, 1844- weather rather uncertain
cloudy, warm, sunshine, and a little Sprinkling of rain- sun
went down clear- worked in the garden nearly all day, with the
Exeption that I was compelled to be in the office, Judge Terrell
is in Town, settled with him the $33.16 drawn on me by the
Post office department, he has also paid for me on account what
he owes me $284.00 in old Texas Treasury notes- the ballance
which I belive to be $150.00 in old T. T. notes he is yet in
my debt, he however thinks otherwise n'import- paid David
Muckleroy $22.62. for Mr Wm B. Goodman for keeping his
mail rider and Horse from the 20th october 1843 to date, paid
said receipt to Judge Terrell who held the draft and paid him
the Ballance in money, so that at this time I owe nothing at all
exept $12.50 to the general Post office Department also, exepted,
the present quarter which commenced the 1st January last- no
further news from the west, or East, about annexation or
armistice- Bob. Patton was in Town to day, just returned from
a very successfull trip down the Angelina, Nechaz, to Sabine
Pass and back, brought a Cargo of Coffee, Sugar, Salt, Iron, and
flour,- good
The Harckness Collection in the Library of Congress. Calendar
of Spanish Manuscripts Concerning Peru, 1531-1651.
(Prepared by Stella R. Clemence. Introductory Preface
signed: J. F. Jameson. . . .) Washington: Govern-
ment Printing Office, 1932. Pp. x, 336. 26J cm. $3.25.
Gradually the United States is becoming a great depository
of collections of materials, both printed and manuscript, which
relate to Latin-America. Probably the three most notable of
such collections are the Bancroft Collection at the University of
California, acquired in 1905; the Genaro Garcia Collection at the

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