The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 37, July 1933 - April, 1934

Book Reviews and Notices

This rescue from obscurity of a writer who deserves to be bet-
ter known, in conjunction with the revival of her now rare book,
is a notable event for those interested in the field of Texas his-
tory and literature.
Diplomatic Relations Between Brazil and the 'United States. By
Lawrence F. Hill. (Durham, N. C.: Duke University
Press, 1932. Pp. x, 322. $3.50.)
This is the first detailed and scholarly survey in any lan-
guage of the diplomatic relations between the United States and
Brazil since the establishment in Brazil of the Portuguese royal
government in 1808. It "is based primarily on manuscript
material found in ministerial despatches (seventy-two large vol-
umes to August, 1906), consular letters, instructions to Ameri-
can diplomatic agents, and communications between the United
States foreign office and the Brazilian diplomatic agents at
Washington." Many of these documents for the periods from
1810 to 1831 and 1860 to 1918 have long been available in
printed form. Moreover, since the publication of this study,
many documents for the years from 1831 to 1860 have been
printed in W. R. Manning (ed.), Diplomatic Correspondence of
the United States; Inter-American Affairs, 1831-1860. Volume
II, Bolivia and Brazil. (Washington, 1932.)
Three chapters discuss United States-Brazilian relations from
1808 to 1831, the general outlines of which have previously been
known. Two chapters survey United States-Brazilian relations
from 1831 to 1860.
The last six chapters deal with the diplomatic relations of
the two countries in the fifty-eight years since 1860. The first
three of these chapters, entitled, respectively, "The Diplomacy
of Two New Yorkers"; "The Paraguayan War"; and "Opening
Brazilian Rivers to World Commerce," make valuable contribu-
tions to the topics under discussion. Chapter VII summarizes
in able manner the relations of the United States with Brazil,
Argentina and Paraguay during the Paraguayan War. Chapter
VIII amends in some respects and adds some details to Pro-
fessor Martin's monograph on the opening of the Amazon to

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