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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 37, July 1933 - April, 1934

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

world commerce. The reviewer questions the propriety of in-
cluding Chapter IX, "Confederate Exiles to Brazil," in this
study, since it is chiefly an historical sketch of the varying for-
tunes of colonies of disgruntled Confederates in Brazil that had
slight bearing if any on the diplomatic relations of the two
countries. Chapters X and XI, "From Empire to Republic in
Brazil" and "Recent Tendencies" give in forty-seven pages a
useful but not a definitive summary of the diplomatic relations
between the United States and Brazil from 1888 to 1918.
From the standpoints of content and mechanical make-up the
book under review sets a high standard for other studies that
might and should be made of the relations of the United States
with its Latin-American neighbors.
Memoirs of the Late Frank D. Baldwin. By Alice Blackwood
Baldwin. (Los Angeles: Wetzel Publishing Company,
1929. Pp. xv, 204. Illustrations, $4.50.)
This book is a compilation of various memoirs pertaining to
the life and service of Major General Frank D. Baldwin.
Baldwin was born in Manchester, Michigan, in 1842, served in
the Union Army during the Civil War, and when mustered out
at twenty-three held the rank of captain. Re-entering the serv-
ice, he campaigned on the frontier from Fort Davis, Texas, to
Miles City, Montana. In 1874 he was with Nelson Miles in the
Panhandle, and by his charge upon an Indian encampment on
the Washita and the recapture of the German girls won for him-
self what is claimed as the unique distinction of receiving, for
the second time, the Medal of Honor. After service in the
Philippines he returned to Colorado, and while on the retired list
was made Adjutant General of that state at the outbreak of the
World War. He died April 22, 1923.
As is true of many reminiscences, these are frequently lack-
ing in coherence and the book is somewhat illogically divided.
Its three parts are entitled: "Memoirs of Major General Frank
D. Baldwin," "Leading Events in the Military Career of Gen-
eral Baldwin," and "Memoirs of Alice Blackwood Baldwin." The
first and third parts are by far the most interesting and valu-

Texas State Historical Association & Barker, Eugene C. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 37, July 1933 - April, 1934. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 2, 2016.

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