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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 39, July 1935 - April, 1936

Book Reviews and Notices

and patient industry. It was a task that needed to be done, and
Professor Hackett has accomplished it so thoroughly that no
other scholar need ever be tempted to re-thresh his old straw, or
even to winnow his good grain. Therefore, though the sugges-
tion may fall ungratefully upon Professor Hackett's ears, it is
to be hoped that, before settling down to a well earned rest when
the remaining two volumes are published, he will write his own
digest of Pichardo's memoir. For it must be confessed that
Pichardo is hard reading. One loses the thread of his argument
in a multitude of details--ethnic, geographical, and historical.
To one who accepts his thesis, as this reviewer does, that the
Louisiana Purchase did not include Texas, the argument is con-
vincing and needs no great elucidation; but one who believes the
contrary will be tempted to consult his own ease and remain of
the same opinion still without reading the fruit of Pichardo's
labor. The spacious leisure of the early nineteenth century was
conducive to such studies. Moreover, there was a little matter
of some four hundred thousand square miles of territory involved
in the controversy. Today it is only an academic question of
history. The study requires briefing, and Professor Hackett is
nominated for that service.
Dictionary of American Biography. Edited by Dumas Malone.
(New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Vol. XV, pp. x,
647. Vol. XVI, pp. x, 621. 1935. Price, $12.50 a
These two volumes of the Dictionary of American Biography
extend, alphabetically, from Charles Adams Platt, archivist, to
William H. Seward, statesman. They contain in the neighbor-
hood of twelve hundred and fifty sketches and range through
every field of human activity, intellectual and physical. The
articles average about a page each in length. Each is the result
of conscientious research by a writer equipped with particular
knowledge of the subject, and each one closes with a more or less
comprehensive bibliography which enables the reader who desires
to do so to study the subject further.
In general, the editing is beyond criticism, but an occasional


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