The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 39, July 1935 - April, 1936

Diary of a Confederate Congressman, 1862-1868

Thursday 5th [1863] House spent the day in folly. E. M.
Bruce17s made a personal explanation which led to a dozen furi-
ous speeches. A resolution was finally passed exculpating him
& saying that "Congress does not mean to express the opinion
that it would be proper for a member to become interested in
a contract authorized to be made by the body"-What a miserable
negative! Met Com. at night & wrote afterwards till 12 & past.
Wrote E & Gen. B16s etc. etc.
Friday 6th Sent letters home by a soldier through the Texas
Depot. In the House the discussion was continued without any
vote. Met T. M. Com. at night.
Saturday 7th In the House Preston'se69 amendment laying a
tax of 10 per cent on cotton in the hands of others than pro-
ducers was adopted. I voted No. Discussion continued.
In the evening took tea with Mrs. Wortham. She seemed grati-
fied for the interest I had taken in her brother. I have really
accomplished nothing for him yet. Hope I may. After supper
talked long with Graham.
Sunday 8th Went to Presbyterian Church with Graham.
Heard a good sermon from Dr. Moore170 on the life & character
of Nicodemus. Dined at the officers' Hospital with Col. Bryan
& Capt. Martin.171 Went to see the gunboats building near the
city, with Mr. Secretary Mallory172 & Judge Reagan. With them
17E. M. Bruce (M. C.)-Ely M.; Kentucky; admitted to First Con-
gress March 20, 1862; served in Second Congress, also.
esGeneral B. Probably General T. G. Broocks.
" Preston-See above, note 105. His amendment was doubtless an
attempt to raise revenue and at the same time to recognize the continu-
ally falling value of cotton.
7ODr. Moore-Thomas; pastor First Presbyterian Church. Lived on
north side of Leigh Street above 5th.
1Colonel Bryan and Captain Martin. Must be Guy M. Bryan. Cap-
tain Martin, possibly Captain Bob Martin of Shelby County, or Captain
Wiley Martin, who was in the Battle of San Jacinto.
m72Secretary Mallory-Stephen R., Secretary of the Navy; of Florida;
formerly Chairman of Naval Affairs Committee of the House of Repre-

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