The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 40, July 1936 - April, 1937

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

come out strongly. Descriptions of Indian troubles-which oc-
curred intermittently during four decades of Bell County's early
history- how the settlers lived, feuds, the Old Ku Klux Klan,
and the Honey incident constitute only a few of many subjects
which will appeal to any reader. Every chapter affords some bio-
graphical information, and generous glimpses of the leaders are to
be had as Bell County participated in the affairs of the state. The
entire seventeen chapters of the book are well balanced, and the
chapters on Bell County in the Civil War and during reconstruc-
tion are especially well done.
There is an amazing amount of information in this book. Here,
in fact, is more history than many of our own generation can
have dreamed that Bell County had. And the editor's judicious
selection of material together with his competent editing has
resulted in a county history which is a creditable contribution to
the historiography of Texas. Its completeness, readability, and
usability make it suitable both for the specialist and the general
student of history. The former will readily perceive that it pos-
sesses those qualities which will render it an instrument for his
use. As for the chief demands of the latter, comprehensiveness
and accuracy, there is little room for complaint. The book will
be read with a special personal interest by descendants of Bell
County pioneers, and it will have numerous readers among those
now living in that county as well as an appreciable number of
readers who live outside this district.
The work contains two useful maps, numerous illustrations
clear and well-done, the printing-save for a few compositor's
errors-is satisfactory, and the index is adequate.
Official Correspondence of the Texas Revolution, 1885-1886.1
Edited by William C. Binkley. (New York: D. Appleton-
Century Company, Volume I, liv (54), 556, Volume II,
xix, 557-1125. Prepared and published under the direction
of the American Historical Association from the income of
the Albert J. Beveridge Memorial Fund.)
The documents in these two attractive and handy volumes are
restricted, as Professor Binkley emphasizes, to official correspond-
'Reprinted by permission from The Mississippi Valley Historical Review,
March, 1937.


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