The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 40, July 1936 - April, 1937

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Following General Sam Houston, from 1793 to 1863. Etchings
by Bernhardt Wall. Historical Sketches by Amelia Wil-
liams. Austin, Texas: The Steck Company, 1935, Pages
Following Stephen F. Austin. Etched and Published by Bernhardt
Wall. (Limerock, Connecticut, 1936. Plates 43.)
The nucleus of the volume on General Houston consisted of
seventy-one etchings by Mr. Wall, illustrating as many incidents,
objects, episodes, experiences, and connections in the life of Houston
from the cradle to the grave-and even beyond the cradle, for there
is a picture of Houstoun Castle, in Scotland, and a sketch of the
Houston arms. Around each of these seventy-one pictures Dr.
Amelia Williams has written an interesting and authoritative story.
The result is a substantial volume, instructive, entertaining, even
illuminating-a unique addition to the growing mass of Hous-
toniana. Miss Williams has just finished compiling and editing a
collection of all of Houston's available writings. This fact and
her exhaustive knowledge of the revolutionary and republican
eras of Texas history have enabled her to write an authoritative
and truly delightful series of chapters on what might be called
the periphery of Houston's career. Mr. Wall's etchings are re-
produced in acceptable form and are now placed within the reach
of a wider circle of readers and collectors.
The Austin volume is made up entirely of Mr. Wall's own
handiwork-etched, printed, and bound by him. And to this
reviewer, at least, it is a real contribution toward an under-
standing of Stephen F. Austin-his preparation for life, his prob-
lems and achievements. After a frontispiece of Austin's 1836
portrait, introduction, and dedication, the book begins with a
picture of the Elias Austin home in Durham, Connecticut, where
Moses Austin was born. Then follow pictures of Bacon Academy
and Transylvania University, where Stephen F. Austin obtained
his formal education. An imaginative picture of Moses Austin
and the Baron de Bastrop before the San Fernando Church in
San Antonio brings the story to Texas. Thence the pictures fol-
low the career of Stephen F. Austin: Durham Hall, the build-

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